[Podcast EP04] Yogi Aaron | Learning How to Expand Your Path

MBV   February 1, 2017

MBV Podcast - Yogi Aaron

The ancient practice of yoga represents the human body as a gateway to self-awareness, universal energy, and inner peace. When this process is activated through breathing and movement, the mind becomes calm and we are awakened to an expanded state of consciousness.

Yogi Aaron is a leading expert in the yoga community with a passion for adventure and a natural gift for connecting with his students. As a world traveler and entrepreneur, Aaron is also considered a modern day pioneer of yogic philosophy.

Having grown up in Vancouver, Canada, Aaron has always been in touch with nature. As an active child, Aaron was inspired by athletic movement — a connection that grew stronger when he began practicing meditation with his mom.

This experience taught Aaron very early on that maintaining a healthy relationship with his body was the key to living an exciting life driven by energy and inner strength. 


As a student of yoga, Aaron arrived in Manhattan in 2001 where he eventually started teaching this ancient discipline. A few years later Aaron and one of his closest students teamed up to purchase a property in Costa Rica with the shared vision of creating a sanctuary where people can reconnect with themselves, connect with others, and share the magic of yoga.

As this practice continues to evolve, Aaron describes yoga and meditation as a way to test our strengths and weaknesses. This invaluable training of the body is also used as a powerful way to experience inner growth.

Aaron uses curiosity as a way to step into the unknown and embrace uncertainty. In this discussion, Aaron describes how learning to calm down and remove distraction from our lives to the best of our abilities can begin the process of lifting away the illusions that keep us confined.

It all begins with a calm mind, and when yoga is integrated as a way to align the body, breath, mind, and spirit, we can expand the way we perceive the world and surrender to a more expanded version of reality. This awakening becomes our natural path!

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Here are some interesting topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is the practice of yoga? [4:00]
  • Connecting With the Body | The vital life force [6:00]
  • Understanding the Web of Life | The Meaning of Tantra [7:45]
  • Missing out on life and the importance of presence [9:45]
  • Turning on the Switch [10:30]
  • Secrets of Nature | A deeper sense of thriving [12:00]
  • Learning how to say yes [14:45]
  • Himilayan Philosophy of overcoming fear [17:20]
  • Become aware of what you're afraid of [18:00]
  • Understanding Pranayama [22:50]
  • The Promise of Yoga [25:45]
  • 1 to 1 Breathing | A Powerful Daily Exercise
  • Change the course of your life, by changing your breath [28:50]
  • Find time to go inward [29:45]
  • Release Attachment – Make Room for Infinity [32:00]
  • What's up Blue Osa? [34:20]

Mentioned Resources: 

The Way To Tantra Explained – Yogi Aaron
Where The Real Yoga Starts: Taking Your Practice Off The Mat – Yogi Aaron
The Science of Breath and  Journey Within – Yogi Aaron
Swami Rama of the Himalayas – swamij.com

We are happy to share this conversation with you, enjoy!
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