The Integration of Modern Meditation

MBV   March 10, 2016

modern meditation

Meditation is a timeless technique developed by the ancient masters. This practice can take on many forms, but all types of meditation were originally designed to end human suffering by providing a clear path to enlightenment. Today, meditation has evolved into much more than a ritual simply reserved for Buddhist monks.

The tranquility of this process is what can help the modern mind rise above all distraction and operate on a much higher level.

Of all the amazing ways that meditation can enhance your life, the ability to step into the world with a peaceful mind might be the most valuable benefit. This is why meditation has found such a comfortable place in a noisy, busy, and hectic lifestyle.

Modern meditation is the integration of ancient philosophy with the balance of an easily distracted mind. This has become a surprisingly effective tool that can help anyone raise their standards and execute a much more rewarding approach to life.


Time is one of the most valuable reources a human being has access to. With more options than ever before, we are now faced with a dilemma: the number of hours in the day remain the same. Time is not a commodity, we are fortunate to have each moment, which is why time has become such a crucial factor.

While in possesion of this amazing resource, it is important to maximize as much as we have access to. Practicality in regards to time management is one of the ways meditation has been able to be integrated into the more flexible needs of the modern individual.

A perfect example of this is iAwake Mini Meditations by iAwake Technologies. These shortened meditation sessions are designed specifically to help those who find it hard to squeeze in longer sessions.

In just a few short minutes you can relax, refocus, recharge, and get ready to take on the day.

These meditations are also great for those who need a bit more flexibility when it comes to the time of day as well. Meditation has often been presented as more practical before bed or as a morning ritual.

Modern meditation has made meditation accessible at all times, and for many different uses. Guided meditations such as iAwake Minis are easy to access, and just a touch on the phone away.

An Integration of Philosophy

In recent years, meditation has been looked at from a new angle. Science and research have been able to demonstrate a deep rooted link between the mind and body, with meditation shown to produce many intriguing advantages not only for the mind, but for the body as well.

The development of meditation can also be associated with the advance of neuroscience. This field of study examines the nervous system in relation to the mind and body on a cellular level. There has been a wide range of studies revealing the positive effects of meditation upon one's overall health and well-being.

This is an amazing example of how Western science has helped us integrate an ancient tradition. At a core level, ancient meditation philosophies have always carried this knowledge.

This is a unique opportunity to put modern context around the benefits and practicality of meditation in modern life. This has been done through the capabilities of modern science, combined with centuries of text, scripture, tradition, and practice.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Stronger immune function
  • Positive changes to the brain
  • Stronger memory
  • More Energy
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Increase in productivity
  • Healthy and natural production of serotonin
    (mood and behavior)


    Learn More About the Neurochemistry of Meditation


Yoga and Meditation

Alongside meditation, yoga has been evolving in its own unique way. Being adopted by people all over the world as more of a lifestyle than a practice, yoga has earned such a fitting place in the ways of today.

Aside from being able to bring the mind and body into a state of balance and coherence, the fast paced athletic style of many popular yoga techniques is something many people have been able to integrate holistically into their lifestyle.

Yoga is a meditation of the mind and body; the results are tangibly felt throughout the energy of your body, and resonated through every aspect of your life. This provides a razor sharp mental edge, paired with abundant, clean energy. Such an amazing way to keep up in a modern environment.

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Chakra Energy

According to Eastern philosophy, the human body has a series of energy points that line up along the spine and follow its curvature. Hindu Scriptures describe these energy points as chakras, or wheels of energy . Energy of each area flows through these points, each representing a certain aspect of the individual process of human growth and development.

Today, the mind and body are stimulated with such high levels of information and subtle waves of tense vibration, that the health and balance of each chakra can become out of balance.

This causes underlying tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, among many other imbalances. One of the main purposes behind the philosophy of yoga is to unblock the flow of energy in certain areas of your body and redistribute the energy naturally back into harmony. This process also induces pleasant states of meditation.

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Your Meditation 

Many practices, beliefs and techniques can be explored and incorporated into your individual preference and style. Meditation is more than a relaxation technique and can be used as a very versatile tool.

With the depth of wisdom and knowledge contained at the root of meditation, it is important to remember where this well respected practice originates, and the true purpose of what meditation is meant to be. Meditation is a healing of the mind and balancing of excess energy. 

Gaining control of the mind can be the difference between a good life and a phenomenal one. The modern practitioner uses meditation as a starting point for exploration, and always finds ways to incorporate practice with the natural flow of life.

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