The Spiritual Aspect of Health and Wellness

MBV   May 18, 2016

Spiritual Realm of Health

In recent years, science and research has been able to demonstrate a deep rooted link between the mind and body.

With meditation shown to have many advantages, today this process is a well known tactic to help the modern mind relax and operate at a heightened state.

The development of meditation can also be associated with the advance of neuroscience — a field of study that examines the nervous system and neural network of the brain in relation to the mind and body on a cellular level.

The various benefits that are now attributed to meditation have had a huge impact on the application of modern practice, even garnering favour in various forms of medical and psychological treatments.

But according to traditional Buddhist views, the true purpose of meditation is to reach a state of enlightenment — the realization of the true nature of mind. This clarity is what enables the elimination of personal suffering by helping us better understand human consciousness.

Here are some essential ways that practicing meditation can help enhance your spiritual realm of health and well being.

Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Being exposed to negative energy and demanding circumstance for extended periods of time will eventually cause you to fall out of balance. This can be felt throughout the body as tension and tired muscles, but weighs even more heavily on your mood and emotional stability.

Through meditation, one of the primary benefits of allowing the energy of the mind and body to find balance is that it is deeply relaxing. Your body falls into a relaxed state leading to a decrease  in anxious thinking, elimination of muscle pain, reduced emotional stress, and a boost of mental energy.

Emotional Chemistry
The point of meditation is to bring you closer to your inner dynamic by creating awareness of not just yourself, but of the world around you and the way you interact with other people. With regular practice you can use meditation to refashion the way your mind and body correlate –f ocusing on positivity and health as opposed to the stresses of daily life and the avoidance of certain situations.

Meditation and mindfulness helps you stabilize from within, allowing you to come face to face with some of your deepest anxieties. You are teaching your body to respond differently by influencing the release of happy hormones as opposed to stress hormones.

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Buddha, translated as “the awakened one”, was an ancient sage from the eastern parts of India and considered to be the primary figure in Buddhism. The teachings were that in order for someone to reach enlightenment, wisdom and compassion are the most crucial components. These virtues are considered the two eyes working harmoniously together in order to provide a higher vision in life.

Compassion is something that runs deep through each and every being on this planet; something we share as a universal connection. It is because of this deep rooted connectedness that we are often touched with an automatic rush of empathy whenever we witness the suffering of another human being.

The essence of Buddhist compassion meditation is to physically, mentally and spiritually experience the oneness of all things, starting with the moment.

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Inner Peace
In a world where stress accounts for an estimated 60% of doctor visits, it makes sense that meditation is becoming more and more common as a stress reduction and therapeutic practice. Being integrated as a modern ritual, studies have shown that different types of meditation have the ability to trigger our natural relaxation response. This helps increase one’s ability to be calm and experience peace. People that meditate regularly report increased feelings of peace and overall happiness.

Spiritual Realm of Health and Wellbeing

Inner peace is self-liberation through the release of doubt and fear. Acceptance and gratitude are the guiding lights to true peace. Inspired by Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, peace begins with the self before it can be emanated outward and shared as a community, nation, and globe. Peace meditation is finding individual peace of mind.

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In the ancient texts entitled ‘Perfection of Wisdom’, a disciple asks the Buddha, “How many bases for training are there for those seeking enlightenment?” The Buddha replied, “There are six: generosity, morality, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom.

The Paramitas (six perfections) are a perfect example of how ancient philosophy can be integrated with modern practice. The benefits of an illuminated mind are not to be taken lightly and something that we all carry deep within, waiting to be unlocked through trust and practice.

Traditionally, these virtues are used as a guiding light towards awakening, self realization and freedom. In modern context, however, enlightenment may naturally arise through one’s path, but might not be the main reason to incorporate these life enhancing practices into a personal belief system.

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Third Eye Intuition
There is a part of the human makeup that has been lost over time and forgotten how to be used properly. A tool that is apart of our mind, body and spirit and something that we experience every day without even realizing it. This energy is so subtle that as the world gets noisier we have almost become blind to it. This is the energy of intuition, also known as the spiritual realm of our "third eye"

In everyday life this type of intuitive capability is presented to us in many different ways, such as signals from the body, emotions, or spontaneous thought. There is an infinite amount of insightful information available to us through the subconscious mind. The energy of our body along with our mental capacity is very receptive to using this information  in order to let us know what is best for us — sometimes even before it happens. This is also referred to as our inner guiding system.

Meditation allows for disturbance and distraction to be cleared away. An open space of commuication is created between our awareness and a deeper part of our psyche.

Setting aside time to meditate or spend some time in silence each day is the most powerful way to release built up tension and remove distraction. When we learn to let the mind settle, we are unlocking another domain to our mental and physical senses by healing the mind and body into a peaceful state of transformation.

Through meditation we create harmony and resonence. By drawing deep into our consious energy, meditation is how we relax the spirit and acitivate a deeper connection with our nature. This is the spiritual realm of wellbeing. With practice and discipline, the benefits of a clear mind and rejuvinated spirit will soon begin to surface.

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