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MBV   May 30, 2017

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We are all full of hopes, dreams, and enough potential to fulfill them, yet so many of us do not reach our goals because we fall victim to the negative stimulation of our own emotions.

The activity of your mind takes place in the form of energy. When this energy is pent up over time, your thoughts become habits and emotional blocks that create obstacles along your journey to success.

These blocks can be fealt in your body as chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, worry, and lack of motivation to move towards the life you desire.

Profound Releasing is a revolutionary meditation program that guides you through these blocks in a simple and effective process of natural release and rejuvination!

What is profound releasing?

There is so much we still don’t fully understand about our psyche and why we do what we do. The basis of this technique is rooted in the fact that we all have tension and emotional blocks that originate in the mind and are translated throughout the body.

Our minds tend to accumulate negative thoughts and emotions that are meant to keep us out of harms way, but end up restricitng us from becoming the people we are meant to be.

When we have big dreams and ambitions we often defeat ourselves by worrying about the outcome, being scared of change, fearing discomfort, and avoiding risks. We even tell ourselves that we don’t deserve certain things. These emotions become roadblocks.  Some of us suppress these negative emotions that prevent us from being who we really are. This pent up energy gets stored in the form of emotional tension.

Profound Releasing is a technique that releases these limiting thoughts and emotions so that you can finally experience your full potential.

How does it work?

Profound Releasing is a meditation program that combines guided meditation with binaural beats and advanced brainwave entrainment technology. This experience guides your mind deep into a unique meditative state that allows you to identify emotional blocks and limiting thoughts.

By becoming aware of the negative emotions that you may have been supressing, your emotional patterns can be tamed and re-balanced, causing a euphoric release of some of the stress and anxieties you may have been carrying.

Profound Releasing enables the energy of your heart to open up with love and compassion — meditators have reported experiencing a powerful inner awakening after only a couple of sessions.

The audio signals embedded into this program guides you to a deeply-centred, relaxed and powerful state where you can control the negative thoughts that would normally control you. The key principle that allows this experience to be so effective is that when something is understood, it can be overcome and released if neccessary.

This powerful tool is just one part of an important inner journey that results in the transformation from the person that you are to the one that you want to be. By understanding Profound Releasing and its benefits, you can open your heart, release your negative emotions and reach your full potential.

By simply getting comfortable and putting on your headphones for a few minutes each day, your spirit can be guided through this journey, and you can take the first step on the path to your dreams.

Profound Releasing is designed to help you to:3D_DVDcase_Profound-Releasing

  • Let go of old, rigid emotional patterns and rediscover your natural spontaneity, energy and vitality.
  • Stop battling with your thoughts and feelings, and dissolve inner blocks and tension.
  • Open your heart and allow a deep sense of energy to flow through your body and mind.
  • Become more centered, balanced and grounded.
  • Experience a gradual inner awakening that has the potential to transform and enrich every aspect of your life.

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