[Podcast EP08] On The Water With Echo Aloha

MBV   April 19, 2017

MBV Podcast - Echo Aloha

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is an evolving fitness experience that takes your sequence of postures onto the water. If yoga is a practice of movement, balance, and flow, the added dimension of floating on top of water is what takes the most invigorating aspects of modern yoga to a new and exciting level.

This week we sat down with with Pascale Roy Lafontaine from Echo Aloha to discuss this exciting form of fitness, yoga, travel, and fun!

Following a deep desire to explore surf culture and get on the water with some real surfers, Pascale landed in spots like Costa Rica, Australia and Hawaii. The sensations and movement of water is what pushed her to develop a deeper relationship with her surf board and even more with the ocean.

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When Pascale discovered yoga as a way to improve her stability and movement on the water, yoga and surf became integrated as a practice that including everything good about mind body health, fitness, nature, lifestyle, and meditation.

MBV Podcast - Echo Aloha Pascale

After exploring different cultures and philosophies of yoga and surfing, Pascale teamed up with her partner Jonathen Busby, who had spent years teaching kite surfing all over the world. It made perfect sense to combine their knowledge and 'echo' the true essence of SUP yoga into the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada.

Born from the ocean as another way to get on the water, paddle boarding was used as a creative way to practice and teach kitesurfing techniques without wind.

Paddle boarding has also become a super fun alternative yoga mat, with the added intensity of each pose increased by providing a greater challenge with many added benefits.

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