[Podcast EP07] Jill Wener | Learning How to Surrender

MBV   March 23, 2017

MBV Podcast - Jill Wener

In this episode of the MBV Podcast, we talk to Vedic meditation teacher Jill Wener.

After years of practicing hospital-based medicine, work related stress is what eventually led Jill into a traumatic period of severe burnout. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, she was eventually introduced to Vedic Meditation.

A few years later, Jill attended her first meditation retreat, in Rishikesh, India, where she quickly fell in love with the history and culture of India, as well as the advanced meditation practices she learned on the trip.

While always developing a deeper relationship with her meditation, Jill was able to experience the amazing, life altering benefits that comes with having a clear mind and inner peace.

Now as a Vedic Meditation teacher, Jill uses her medical background to bring the benefits of meditation to professionals in health-related fields, patients, and other students interested in reducing stress and living a life filled with creativity, energy and fulfillment.

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Vedic meditation is a fascinating, simple, and exciting form of meditation with roots dating back to the ancient Hindu Texts called the Vedas.

The purpose of this meditation is to help us regain contact with our natural state and to find balance within ourselves and the way we interact with our environment on a daily basis.

This meditation technique is practiced for 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

The result of this practice is the experience of deep relaxation, which is meant to bring the meditator into a higher state of consciousness. What makes this technique so interesting is how effective it is; practitioners can usually achieve deep meditation within their first session.

Based on the ancient realization that we could find tremendous resources through the development of consciousness. Vedic meditation is the result of thousands of years of contemplation and investigation into the inner workings of the mind and body as well as the experience of nature.

In This Discussion:

Severe Burnout | Discovering Mediation at a Bar [4:00]
Work related stress [6:00]
I knew I could never go back to how unhappy I was. [7:00]
Learning to surrender control. [8:00]
I remember having a sense that everything was going to be okay. [9:00]
How easy it was to practice 20 minutes, twice per day. [12:00]
The world became a lot more FUN! [13:00]
What is Vedic meditation? [14:00]
We're not getting rid of thoughts; we are transcending thought. [15:00]
Let the process take you where it's supposed to take you. [17:00]
I felt like I was experiencing a more advanced version of myself. [19:30]
Integrating the wisdom of Vedic philosophy into daily life. [21:00]
The concept of worthy inquiry. If you're not ready, you won't listen. [25:00]
Why do people want to learn meditation? [28:00]
Always on the edge | Take a break from stress. [32:00]
My students can't believe how easy it is. [37:00]
Release Attachment; Follow Fear. [39:00]

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