[Podcast EP05] John Dupuy | From Recovery to Transformation

MBV   February 14, 2017

MBV Podcast - John DupuyIn this episode of the MBV Podcast, we talk to John Dupuy, a leading expert in brainwave entrainment and the CEO and co-founder of iAwake Technologies. John is also the author of the award-winning Integral RecoveryA Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction.

After completing his masters in transpersonal psychology, John was compelled to understand the disease of addiction. This is where John began making the connection between environment, the behavioral patterns of individuals, and the intricate dynamics of recovery.

Through his own personal path of recovering from depression, John realized that recovery is not only for drug addicts. This experience opened him up to an expanded view of spirituality, consciousness, and transformation.


Practicing daily meditation as a means of self therapy and personal development, John was introduced to a fascinating audio technology referred to as brainwave entrainment.

After only a few days of implementing this new technique as a way to strengthen his meditation practice, he was amazed to experience the profound awakening that followed. What happened next is what John describes as a transformational journey.

These vivid experiences of deep meditation and higher consciousness inspired John to further explore the capabilities and sciences associated with this technology, eventually leading to the conception of iAwake Technologies.

In this conversation, John talks about the process of recovery, the grit of meditation, and how we all have some form of inner work to do before we can experience personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.

Brainwave entrainment is a meditation technique that has been used to induce deeper states of consciousness since ancient civilization.

With a growing body of research now supporting the effectiveness of techniques associated with rhythmic stimulation, various forms of audio technology are being integrated as an exciting way for the modern mind to benefit from the experience of deep meditation.

Today, this innovative approach to meditation is used by practitioners and soul searchers from around the world as an effective way to reduce stress, increase focus, recover from emotional trauma, practice meditation, and experience a higher aspect of consciousness.

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In this episode:

The Human Experience of Spirituality. [3:35]
Whether you’re an addict or not, we all have issues. [4:45]
An introduction to meditation technology. [7:30]
The process of releasing trauma. [8:30]
In traditional meditation, it’s really hard for most of us to keep it up. [10:00]
Democratizing spiritual growth. [10:30]
Applying meditation to the disease of addiction | Ken Wilber Integral Theory [11:50]
Becoming aware of limiting beliefs through meditation | Negative unconscious messages. [13:30]
Ego work comes before getting in touch with our deepest nature. [14:45]
4 Essential practices of recovery. [17:30]
Mastering the practice | The evolutionary fast lane. [19:50]
What is brainwave entrainment? [23:30]
The evolution of audio  technology | Science and Benefits. [25:30]
The ups and downs of daily practice | maintaining a daily practice. [29:45]
Truisms of mastery in times of challenge | Developing resilience to stress. [32:00]
Everyday Recovery | There is always strength in the darkness. [37:20]
The importance of compassion in personal development. [40:00]
Spiritual Technologies Summit. [41:50]
Getting started with meditaton. [45:30]
What do you know for sure about happiness? [51:00]

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