[Podcast EP03] Joelle Anderson | Meditation and the Art of Self-Love

MBV   December 1, 2016

Joelle Anderson - Meditation and Self-Love

How amazing would it be if you didn’t have to rely on anything outside of yourself to be happy and feel good about life? What if everything you needed to be energized, motivated, and inspired is already in your possession and just needs to be activated?

Meditation is a timeless technique developed by the ancient masters as a way to end personal suffering and awaken the energy of the mind.

More recently, science and research has been able to demonstrate a deep rooted link between the mind and body, with meditation shown to produce many fascinating advantages for overall health and wellbeing as well as how we experience life and develop as individuals. 

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In this conversation, Joelle Anderson from Kernel of Wisdom helps us discover the process of meditation as a gateway to personal freedom and self-love. We explore how meditation can be used as a starting point to a more creative, exciting, productive, free flowing, and passionate way of life.

Joelle is a mindfulness trained meditation coach who has developed a very fun and personal way of helping people navigate through learning meditation, and how to overcome the challenges of a turbulant mind that often hold us back from cultivating a meditation practice that sticks.

Of all the amazing ways that meditation can enhance your life, the ability to step into the world with peace and love towards your self and your environment might be the most valuable benefit.

This is why meditation has found such a comfortable place in a noisy, busy, and hectic lifestyle. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • The modern advances of meditation
  • What to expect when getting started with meditation
  • Learning how to be comfortable with yourself
  • How to develop your own meditation practice
  • The art and process of self-love

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Here are some interesting topics we discuss:

  • What is Kernel of Wisdom? [1:08]
  • The starting point of meditation [3:40]
  • Overthinking and emotional regulation [8:30]
  • Why are more people becoming interested in meditation? [10:20]
  • What to expect when you start meditation [15:00]
  • Consistency and discipline | Overcoming self-doubt [16:45]
  • Make the practice your own [19:45]
  • The process of inner shift and the exciting path of mindfulness [23:00]
  • Is meditation instant gratification? [25:45]
  • Mindfulness off the cusion and everyday life [29:15]
  • What is your reason? [29:50]
  • Learning to love your-self through challenge and adversity [31:30]
  •  To be comfortable with your self? [34:45]
  • Why meditation? [35:30]

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We are happy to share this conversation with you, enjoy!
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