How Meditation Has Been Helping Cancer Patients

MBV   November 3, 2016

Meditation Helps Cancer PatientsStudies have shown that those who practice meditation tend to have a sense of control over their mood, especially when it comes to feelings of sadness, tension or anger.

This is because when we meditate, we can often bring the mind into a particular state, known as the alpha mind.

The frequency at which alpha waves operate brings the meditator into a relaxed state of flow, and with continual practice it can strengthen a person’s emotional resources and resilience to adversity. 

This concept applies similarly to larger health issues throughout the body. When it comes to diseases like cancer, meditation has proven to be a useful tool when dealing with some of the emotional stimulation that come with such a difficult challenge.

Meditation has also been associated with structures at the cellular level of telomeres. Telomeres are important proteins that attach to the ends of chromosomes in the body. Shortened telomeres can lead to some of the major diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. 

In a fascinating study, it was found that meditation could increase telomere length, and could even be an effective tool for telomere maintenance and stress, which plays a huge rule on the ethology of cancer.

How did this happen?  By lowering stress and maintaining mental activty, cancer patients were able to produce enough of the enzyme telomerase, which is the basis for stopping the shortening of telomere. This helped them to grow back new DNA protein.

Participants attended 8 weekly group sessions of 90 minutes in duration and a six-hour retreat between weeks 6 and 7. Participants were also given compact discs for guided meditation, a booklet and mind-body movement techniques to practice at home. 

Needless to say, meditation can help the body through and through from head to toe.

Have you been thinking about practicing meditation? 

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