Meditation Euphoria by iAwake Technologies

MBV   February 17, 2016

Meditation Euphoria

This is the sensation that takes over when you are caught off guard by the natural beauty of a clear blue sky, or a sunset over the ocean. When you are driving, thinking about anything except the present moment, and a song comes on, unexpectedly filling you with joy and energy — pulling you back into a vibrant state of awareness.

This sensation is accompanied with an indescribable feeling of timeless existence, where nothing seems to really matter except the vibrations of the moment that is being occupied.

When this moment arises, you are reminded what it feels like to be happy and feel safe. You are silently assured that everything is okay and you can feel it in your body — this is euphoria.

The Advance of Technology and the Human Mind

Meditation has just been made a lot more interesting. This powerful form of modern meditation is referred to as binaural beats or brainwave entrainment. This technique involves the use of specific audio tones to positively alter the activity of your mind. Depending on the frequency and purpose of your meditation, binaural beats can also invoke sattva (ancient Vedic term, meaning steady state of mind, emotional balance, and inner equilibrium).

Meditation Euphoria

Brainwave entrainment meditation carries many life enhancing benefits, from improving sleep, raising your energy, to entering altered states of consciousness through deep meditation.

Brainwave entrainment has the capability of triggering specific mental states naturally through meditation, and is being used as an effective way to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, and even symptoms associated with PTSD.

The most exciting aspect of this meditation technique is the experience of natural euphoria. Euphoria is produced by the release of natural chemicals, such as dopamine — a neurotransmitter in the brain — and endorphins – natural pain inhibiting chemical produced by the central nervous system.

Learn More About the Emotional Chemistry of Meditation

These organic functions take place during intense exercise, artistic creativity, and are also associated with the flow state of Olympic athletes.  

Digital Meditation Euphoria by iAwake Technologies

At iAwake technologies, the elite research team is devoted to the revolutionary advances that give rise to this type of modern meditation technology. The goal is to to produce the highest level of optimal experience, ensuring that you have the best of what meditation has to offer.

Their mission, “Spiritual Technologies for an Evolving World” explains what the organization is all about. Their unending quest to provide the best tools when it comes to meditation leads to the development of highly effective tools for meditation.

One of the most exhilarating releases, Digital Euphoria, is an amazing addition to digital mediation. The mesmerizing session of musical space gives you the ultimate meditative experience.

One of the greatest benefits of using Digital Euphoria is that it uses stimulus such as sound to naturally stimulate the desired brainwave level which relaxes both the body and the mind into a state a euphoria. This meditative process is initiated through the Beta brainwave frequency accompanied by energetic patterns associated with Chi – universal life force energy commonly referred to in the ancient traditions of natural healing.

As a meditative technique, Digital Euphoria helps you focus on difficult tasks for a longer period of time and help you maintain a more healthy life by eliminating negative and unhealthy thinking patterns.

Meditation euphoria gives you that extra self-motivation that you need to keep going strong. By promoting this natural response within the mind and body, you become increasingly positive towards the many situations of life.

Digital Euphoria Meditation Technology by iAwake Technologies

Three audio tracks of technology powerful enough to boost your confidence, enthusiasm, and joy in just the first 20 minutes, with effects that last for hours.



Meditation Euphoria

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