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Are you serious about getting started with meditation? This might help…

Binaural beats is an audio based meditation technique that uses engineered audio tones to induce certain states of focus and mood. This science based audio technology has seen a lot of progress over the last few years, and is now being used by people from all over the world as a powerful and effective way to practice meditation. 

If you have trouble concentrating or staying focused during meditation, binaural beats might be your new best friend if you are also interested in experiencing the intense benefits of effective meditation. These audio sessions can also be used to raise your energy, experience flow state, and improve your overall mood and emotional wellbeing.

iAwake Technologies is an innovative sound technology company that develops advanced, research-driven audio programs. iAwake is pioneering the emerging field of meditation technologies to help you experience deeper states of peace, healing, life optimization, and transformation.

If you're new to binaural beats meditation, the PMP 3.0 Starter Kit is everything you need to get started today!

Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Starter Kit | Digital Download

Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Starter Kit | Digital Download • 7 Powerful Audio Tracks for Whole-Life Optimization
• 140 Total Minutes of Revolutionary Audio Technology
• Bonus! Flow State ($37 value)
• Instant Download
• In-Depth User Guide (in PDF format) to help you develop a powerful daily practice

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Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Full Spectrum

Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Full Spectrum • Bonus! Digital Euphoria Special Edition: 70 minutes
• 32-page User eManual (downloadable pdf)
• Full support (private Facebook group, comprehensive FAQ section, phone and email support)
• The complete program includes Primary Meditation Tiers 1-3, Releasing Meditation, Gamma & HyperGamma Meditation, and Epsilon Meditation

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DEMO – PMP 3.0:
There is deep, and then there is deep. Though the brainwave patterns on the Primary Meditation Tracks go as low as 0.3 Hz—which is truly deep enough for advanced spiritual growth—some of us really would like to go as deep as possible in meditation.

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If you're interested in trying some different kinds of meditation, here are some simple and effective exercises from our selection techniques:

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Additional Resoures to Help With Your Meditation: