The Sixth Sense | How to Tap Into Your Intuition

MBV   August 9, 2015

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When we think of intuitive abilities we tend to think of something magical – almost superhuman. Reading into the future or foreseeing an event before it takes place  is viewed as  an extremely rare mystical power reserved for higher beings and something that the majority of us do not have access to (if you even believe that such a thing exists at all.)

But overtime, science and research has revealed what ancient wisdom has always known — that there is something special here that is more available to us than we might think. There is a part of the human makeup that has been lost throughout time and forgotten how to be used. A tool that is apart of our mind, body and spirit and something that we experience every day without even realizing it.

This energy is so subtle that as the world gets noisier we have almost become blind to it.The hidden truth is that  we are all capable of tapping into this stream of awareness, also be referred to as our inner guidance. This is the power of intuition.

What You See Is All There Is

How we live today and the way we experience life as humans is, for the most part,  seems very logical and linear.

Our left brain thinking does not like to accept things that it cannot experience first hand through the five basic senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, smell.

If we are introduced to something that cannot be seen with the naked eye or experienced through the other four senses, our brain will quickly create a final story solely based on the information available. We like to make decisions without asking if there might be more to the story.

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls this WYSIATI (what you see is all there is.)  We have learned how not to look for what is not there. It is much easier to draw conclusions based on readily available concrete information than it is to listen to what our gut instinct might be telling us.

If we can’t experience it through our five senses, it must not exist; but there is a sixth sense that is constantly speaking to us, willing to open a new door and waiting for us to step into a new realm of perception.

I Knew That Was Going To Happen

This happens more than we notice.  The feeling of “I knew that was going to happen” is easily shrugged off as nothing more than a funny notion,  because knowing that something was going to happen before it actually takes place is just plain silly — or so we think.

If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Every single moment of our life and everything we experience throughout our existence is imprinted onto our mind.

This information is always available to us whenever we need it and when we encounter a new situation, our subconscious mind is constantly being scanned for information. This happens underneath our awareness, which means we are usually unaware that this process even takes place.

Intuition is a way for the subconscious mind to communicate with us – using this vast information to guide us into making the right decision and pointing towards what is in our best interests.

Gary Klein (a psychologist who maps how people perceive, think, act and react when it comes to decision making) tells the story of a team of firefighters that enter a house where the kitchen is on fire.

Very soon after they started hosing down the kitchen, the commander yells out, “Let’s get out of here!” without even realizing why.

The floor collapsed almost instantly after the team made it out. It was only later  that the commander had time to reflect and realize that the fire had been unusually quiet and his ears had been unusually hot.

These very subtle indications prompted his subconscious mind to trigger an alarm signaling that something was wrong.

It turned out that the core fire was not in the kitchen as they had thought, but actually in the basement directly under where the men were standing.

We hear stories like this all the time. A chess master can see the entire game unfold in his head before he even makes his next move. A seasoned doctor can look at a patient and, in a matter of seconds, detect what is causing problems. This is based on experience and the knowledge is accessed through intuition.

In fact, all of us are constantly performing these intuitive abilities throughout each day. The phone rings and you instantly know who it is, or  when you enter a room and immediately notice that there is tension in the air without any real indication. Most of us are razor sharp at detecting what type of mood  someone is carrying simply based on subtle body language.

We are very good at reading situations based on previous knowledge. The subconscious mind is constantly making observations and extremely accurate assessments of your surroundings drawn from the most miniscule amounts of information that our conscious perception cannot even pick up.

Tap Into Your Intuition Sixth Sense

In everyday life this type of intuitive capability is presented to us in many different ways, such as signals from the body, breath, emotions or spontaneous thoughts.

There is an infinite amount of information available to us through the subconscious mind, and our body and mind are extremely good at using this information  to let us know what is best for us – even before it happens.

  • Develop Awareness – Taking the time each day to clear the mind and eliminate negative thoughts will allow you to approach different situations with a sense of clarity and perspective.

Mediation and breathing techniques are an amazing way to quiet down a chatty mind and practice awareness. When we are aware and less distracted by busy thoughts, we are more able to pick up on subtle energies – allowing our intuition to communicate more freely.

  • Listen to the body – You may find that your body reacts to certain types of situations and environments differently. It is a good practice to pay attention to what is going between your mind and body by asking yourself “How do I feel at this moment and why?”.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and certain parts of your body start to tense up, this is your brain's fight or flight response preparing to protect you. In other words, this is a sign of fear.

However,  If you approach a situation that makes you  feel uncomfortable but very excited and happy at the same time, this is your intuition opening up to tell you that it is time to take action, even though you might not feel sure or even a little scared.

We often miss out on the best opportunities to take positive action and make stuff happen when we are faced with new choices and situations.

We naturally get scared when we find ourselves in uncharted territory and feel the need to turn around; but our bodies always know what is best for us and if you can develop awareness, there are subtleties that happen all the time.

  • Feed the brain – Intuition is based on experience and knowledge. There is no limit to what is possible and the very best way to develop a keen instinct in any aspect of your life is immersion. It only makes sense that if you wanted to become an all-star tennis player you would need to expose yourself to the game and become familiar with the way it moves.

After  some practice and repetition you will begin to see  where the ball is going land before you even hit it. This principle applies to anything. If we stay immersed in topics that inspire us, and continuously feed that brain with new knowledge, we develop the power to see around corners and gain powerful control over our life situation.

By simply reading for 30 minutes per day, you will begin to notice some seriously positive shifts in the way you perceive reality.

  •  Activate your subconscious –  Journaling is a very powerful way to organize your thoughts and communicate with your subconscious mind. An amazing exercise is to reflect on your day and ask your subconscious mind for some answers about some issues that you have been dealing with.

The best time to do this is before your bedtime meditation. This will activate your subconscious mind and help deliver the information you need exactly when you need it.

Each morning you can visit your journal and check in with these questions or issues that you may have been struggling with and you will be absolutely amazed at how your perception has changed in your favor. This is the power of your intuition.

Any Thoughts?

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