Immerse Yourself in Delta Sleep Waves

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Delta Sleep Waves

Sleep is the perfect time for your mind and body to reenergize and heal back into peak performance. Bed time is our opportunity to let it all go and retreat into a place of serenity.

However, when the turbulance and tension of life accumulate, the activity of your mind could sometimes use a positive reminder that it is time to simmer down and find that deep state of profound sleep.

At the deepest levels of sleep, your mind is able to be cleansed and your body is able to repair the bumps and bruises left behind by tension. This profound level of rejuvenating sleep is the natural resting place of delta waves.

What is fascinating about this brain state is that, not only is this where we do most of our mental and physical recovery, but delta state of mind is also a mysterious gateway to the deepest part of the mind.

The Stages of Sleep

Stage 1 – When your mind is able to settle down, and you find yourself drifting in and out of alert consciousness, you are entering the first stage of sleep. This state is where theta brainwaves are most active, which can be related to deep meditation.

Stage 2 – This stage is where the typical person spends most of their time during sleep. Here is where the brainwaves begin to slow down even further and eye movement stops. In this state, there will often be quick bursts of activity in the brain called sleep spindles.

Delta Sleep WavesStage 3 – The transition from light sleep into deep sleep. At this level of brain activity, you are less receptive to noise and disturbances. This is where the brainwave activity slows down even further into delta state.

At this stage it becomes harder to wake you up, and if you are, it will take you a moment to gather your senses.  Waking up during stage 3 will also cause you to feel groggy.

Stage 4 – Delta waves are exclusively active–the slowest frequency of brainwave activity. This stage accounts for approximately 20% of a good night's sleep and where the body and mind can do most of the healing necessary to rejuvenate and reenergize. Reaching this level of sleep will allow you to feel refreshed and satisfied in the morning.

REM (rapid eye movement) – This stage of sleep is where dreaming takes place. After about 90 minutes of being asleep you will enter your first cycle of REM sleep. The first cycle is very short, but becomes longer with each phase. Your breathing becomes quicker as your eyes start to move rapidly.

Studies using EMG observation of people in research labs indicate that when people are awoken during this stage, they often report vivid story-like dreaming. Researchers do not fully understand this stage of sleep, but believe it to be associated with the brain's memory processing.

Sleep Sequence

It is interesting to note that these stages do not take place in sequential order. As you fall asleep you will always begin in stage 1 and progress into stages 2, and 3. After stage 3 sleep, the body usually returns to stage 2 before entering stage 4 and into a deeper and longer state of REM. Once this stage is complete, the body returns back to stage 2. This sequence can take place several times throughout the night.

Delta Sleep Waves

Delta brain waves are the slowest and the highest amplitude of the brain wave frequencies. Active during the deepest stages of sleep, when delta waves are fully active we are completely unconscious.

During this stage of deep sleep, various parts of the brain are oscillating simultaneously, but are not usually synchronized. This has left researchers perplexed as to what exactly is taking place in the mind during this deep state of sleep.

Delta waves are impossible to access while awake, however, many people have reported having visual and even out-of-body-experiences while in delta sleep waves.

Although delta waves can only be experienced while asleep; monks, advanced meditators, young children, and people who have had near death experiences are known to show higher than average delta waves.

Advanced monk meditators are able to access the delta brain wave range when practicing meditation.This state is associated with profound states of consciousness and insightful communication with the deepest realms of the subconscious mind. Delta state is believed to harness a deep rooted connection with intuition and higher knowledge.

Not only can delta waves potentially open us up to an unseen world of a hidden mind, delta sleep waves also come with a fascinating range of other natural benefits.

Delta waves have the natural ability to:

  • Release anti-aging hormones
  • Tap into increased amounts of empathy
  • Connect us with intuition
  • Relax the mind and repair muscle tissue
  • Access deepest states of euphoric relaxation
  • Reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Release natural growth hormone
  • Tap into enhanced perception of spirituality

Learn More About the Mysterious Benefits of Deep Sleep (Psychology Today)

Meditation and Delta Sleep Waves

Delta waves are always present; it is only when they are exclusively active that we are in deep sleep. People that report chronic insomnia and other problems associated with sleep often show lower levels of delta wave activity in the brain.

Psychoacoustics and Properties of SoundBrainwave entrainment is engineered audio used to stimulate certain brainwave frequencies in the brain, and is often used as a powerful meditation technique.

This highly effective meditation technology uses different frequencies to produce this interaction within the brain in order to promote optimized natural states of altered consciousness.

iAwake Technologies are on the cutting edge when it comes to the research and development involved in producing these meditation programs.

One of their most powerful tracks, Deep Delta,  has been developed by internationally recognized brainwave audio engineer and hypnotherapist Leigh Spusta, to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain.

By increasing this aspect of brainwave activity, the listener moves into the ideal place to experience this deeply relaxing state with access to a wide range of positive benefits.

If you ever find yourself having a tough time making the transition into a deep and peaceful, rejuvenating sleep, this is usually a good indication of an overactive mind. When the turbulence of a noisy mind is the problem, Deep Delta meditation stimulus can be a great solution.

Deep Delta 
This deeply immersive track has been developed by internationally recognized brainwave audio engineer and hynotherapist Leigh Spusta, to assist in promoting delta waves in the brain. By increasing this brainwave activity, the listener moves into the ideal place to experience this deeply relaxing state.

Learn More About the Deep Delta Meditation Program

Binaural Beats Meditation Deep Delta Sleep Waves

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