Ancient Healing Crystals in New Age Therapy: Health Trend or Pseudoscience?

MBV   January 12, 2017

Healing Crystal Necklace Science

Crystal healing is a fascinating topic that has seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the past decade, garnering favor in modern age health clinics, yoga studios, and spas.

Even celebrities like Madonna, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr, and Victoria Beckham are wearing and using crystals as a New Age form of positive energy.

Stemming from ancient civilizations like the Aztecs, Buddhists, and Egyptians, this mysterious wellness trend has been finding a place in modern pop culture, though scientists and doctors continuously question the validity of these practices, since there is no solid evidence supporting the healing power of crystals.

What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy method that involves the use of crystals and other stones to interact with the energies of the body as a way to cleanse imbalances or protect against illness. With this technique, certain stones are placed on specified areas of your body to eliminate negative energy.

According to the proponents of this therapeutic method, certain crystals promote the flow of positive energy throughout your body as the tension and impurities are filtered out.

Healing Crystal Necklace and Stone Therapy

Jordan Peace — a crystal advocate from Spiritual Science — explains how the vibration, frequency, and energy from oscillating crystals or gem stones interact with the frequencies of the cells of the body.

The nervous system detects this interaction and transmits the information to the brain. As a result, biological shifts are stimulated, bringing about a positive change in brain function and throughout the physical body.

This theory states that crystal stones induce relaxation by relieving tension, thereby activating a process of renewal throughout the body and the energy of the mind.

Crystals are also used as an accessory for spiritual growth and used to promote higher consciousness, wisdom, and compassion.

Evidence of ancient civilizations using various forms of crystals for healing rituals stretches far across many cultures and religions throughout the world.

The word 'crystal' comes from the Greek word for 'ice'. It was believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so deeply that it would always remain solid.

The ancient Greeks attributed many properties to crystals, including the ability to prevent drunkenness and cure hangovers. Greek sailors also wore a variety of crystals to keep them safe at sea.

Ancient Romans used crystals such as talismans and amulets. The Romans believed that these crystals had the power to enhance their health, attract abundance, prosperity, and give them strength during a war.

In traditional Chinese culture, crystals were used to symbolize power and wealth. Today, applications involving various crystals are still used as a Pranic healing method in Chinese medicine applications.

Ancient Egypt Healing Crystal Necklace

Ancient hieroglyphs and scriptures depict Egyptians wearing healing crystal necklaces for health and protection against disasters. Also perceived as a symbol of seduction, wearing a healing crystal necklace was considered to increase one’s sexuality by bringing out the energy of love from the soul.Egyptian Healing Crystal Necklace

Egyptians also used certain crystals to access the wisdom of the third eye energy center, and based on the Egyptian belief system, if a person is buried with a piece of quartz on the forehead, they will get proper guidance in the afterlife.

In Japanese culture, transparent crystal balls were used to generate visions from a higher form of wisdom. They used quartz crystal spheres as a symbol of spiritual power. Gem stones were also used by geisha’s to induce pleasure.

Referenced in ancient texts of Sanskrit as being used as symbolic mantras, specific crystals and gems also play an interesting role in the beliefs and practices of Buddhism. Certain gemstones were said to contain high spiritual love vibration.

Buddhism Sapphire and Healing Crystal Necklace

Buddhism Sapphire, for example, is known as the ‘stone of stones’ and is said to promote devotion, tranquility, happiness, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment. In meditation philosophy, Rose Quartz is connected with Kwan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of mercy, peace, and compassion.

Other crystals were used as a heart opener, and these specific vibrations were believed to awaken the highest consciousness by connecting one to their own infinite source of love.

Healing Crystal Necklace Could Help You Find Balance

The mineral composition of the crystal is believed to serve a vital function in maintaining the vibratory structure of the universe. Arguably, the fact that crystals contain a negligible amount of entropy makes them one of the cleanest and pure structures in nature.

Certain forms of crystal have the ability to respond to inputs of different energies, helping them to emit consistent vibrational frequencies which also allow them to store a large amount of energetic information. (Michael Geinger 2006 — the pioneer and one of the most committed researchers in the field of gem remedy and creator of the comprehensive illustrated guide to healing gemstones entitled Healing Crystals.)

For instance, Ruby crystals have the ability to focus and concentrate energy. Scientists in Denmark have also revealed that synthesized crystals could be used to aid a person breath underwater.Healing Crystal Necklace - Sapphire

At the end of the day, crystal healing is an alternative therapeutic technique for relaxation, stress management and other diseases that are not life-threatening. There have been a lot of criticism surrounding this technique, but the steady rise in popularity continues to spread.

Though some practitioners in professional health and wellness tolerate crystal healing as a theraputic method that can induce relaxation and ease stress, will scientists and doctors finally welcome this method into a validated form of treatment? Only time will tell!

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