Guided Meditation Audio by MBV

Enhance your session with guided meditation audio.
These specialized exercises and meditation techniques are designed to increase your focus and raise your energy. Step into a more personal experience whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner.
Pacify your mind, soothe your soul and heal your body. Get comfortable, relax, press play, and immerse yourself in the moment.

the relaxation response




Quick Meditation Tips





Body Awareness Technique

what does it mean to stay grounded




Powerful Grounding Exercise

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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - Connection




Third Eye Meditation




Guided Imagery Intro | Understanding the Mind Body Connection




Guided Imagery | Raise Your Energy




Guided Imagery | Deep Release

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Full Spectrum | Profound Meditation 3.0 is a progressive training program that guides you into the smoothest, deepest, richest, most profound meditation experience available to you, one stage at at time. Put an end to the feeling of constant distraction -- cultivate laser-like focus into your thinking and deep energetic presence into your daily life. 

You don't need to be a Himalayan monk to experience the profound benefits of meditation. Simply put on your headphones, press play, sit quietly, breathe, and listen. Brainwave entrainment represents a way of using technology to take your meditation and your spiritual practices into territory that has previously been very difficult.

Alpha Mind - Be Grounded