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MBV   February 24, 2016

Guided ImageryAs human beings, our ability to imagine is what sets us apart from most other species. Aside from allowing us to slip into a daydream — ending up on a sunny beach, or relaxing at the spa before snapping back to reality — alternate thoughts can actually serve a much deeper purpose than simply providing a sweet escape.

Guided imagery and visualization is a meditative practice that has been used as a technique to help people alter their mindset.

From the Olympic athlete who imagines the feats her body must complete to win, to the smooth-talking professional who imagines the tone and direction of a successful business conversation, guided imagery is a practice that has helped people succeed in all areas of life.

What makes this effective technique quite interesting is its grounding in modern science.

What Is Guided Imagery?  

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Each cell of your body, each word you speak, each object around you, and each sound contains a certain vibration that can be measured in the form of frequency. Your thoughts are no different.

Actually, this energy is the language used by the brain to communicate. This takes place by the interchanging of electricity from neuron to neuron, sending and receiving signals. Each thought contains a specific level of energy, which is resonated throughout the body.

Here is a comprehensive study about the science of positive thinking (National Library of Medicine)

Guided imagery is the use of words and music to evoke positive scenarios through imagination in order to communicate beneficial change within the mind and body. This is accomplished by using the power of imagination to send signals of positive intention.

With the guidance of meditation audio, and stimulating music tones, guided imagery involves the body, emotions and all the senses. This holistic focus is what creates the powerful impact of visualization meditation.   

Guided imagery is also a relaxation therapy technique that has been proven to be very beneficial to many who suffer from tension and stress. By allowing the mind to settle into a calm environment, guided imagery allows for the release of stress and tension.

How Does Guided Imagery Work?

“I think, therefore I am,” said Descartes. In fact, this is a very scientific way of looking at the nature of existence. Ontology frequently connects the nature of knowing that something exists, or thinking it, with its existence.

This makes sense when you consider that a thought is actually the transmission of bioelectrical impulses that travel using a network of nerves. Just like any other transmission of energy, a thought has a physical presence with power to influence. In other words, our thoughts have great power; what we think can affect the very nature of our being or existence.   

One very interesting aspect of why guided imagery has proven to be effective has a lot to do with the subconscious mind.

A specific thought, whether it be good or bad, is picked up by a deeper part of the mind, not just as a thought but as a message. What the subconscious mind is unable to do is decipher whether this message is simply an imagined thought, or a real event taking place — the energetic signal of the message remains the same regardless.

This has huge implications on how you are able to influence your reality. Your subconscious mind is always working hard for you behind the scenes, communicating with your body and your reality.

Guided imagery is a guided meditation audio session that gives you the power to take much more control over this interaction.  If you want to try for yourself, you can download Introduction to Guided Imagery Audio Sessions. This intro course is an enhanced visualization meditation program created to help you experience some of these enlivening effects.

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