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Guided Imagery  is your personal guide to  relaxation, clarity, and positive energy.

Guided imagery is the use of words and music to evoke positive scenarios through imagination to communicate beneficial change within your mind and body. Guided imagery involves your body, emotions and all of your senses. This holistic focus is what creates the powerful effect of refreshing energy and deep relaxation.

Soothe your mind and enter a deep experience of releaseProfound-Releasing

By allowing your mind to settle comfortably into a state of coherence, guided imagery provides the perfect environment for the release of tension, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and worry.

In this receptive state, the body’s natural healing process is activated, allowing fresh and healthy energy to pass through every cell of your body.

These visualization meditation sessions are designed to raise the subtle energy of your body and cleanse your mind into a state of profound release. This process is influenced by a combination of guided meditation and audio stimulation.

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Introduction to Guided Imagery Audio Sessions

  • Learn more about the revitalizing benefits of guided imagery in 4 MBV-Box-Crop-widgettotal audio sessions.
  • Release negative tension and experience a raised level of natural energy.
  • Including 2 optimized guided meditation sessions.
  • Easy to access audio files.
  • Enhanced relaxation is always one touch away.

Also included are two binaural meditation audio tracks:
– Memory Vibes | Beta Concentration Waves
– Warm Light | Alpha Uplifting Waves

Guided Imagery - Binaural Beats Meditation
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