[Podcast EP15] Dr. Chris Rizea | Mindfulness and Obsessive Compulsive Thinking

MBV   August 24, 2017

MBV Podcast - Dr. Chris

Dr. Christian Rizea (a.k.a Dr. Chris) is a clinical psychologist based out of San Francisco, California. As a born and raised Canadian from Toronto, Chris has always been passionate about life and inspired by the complex nature of what makes us human.

In this episode of the MBV Podcast, Dr. Chris joins us from San Francisco to help us demystify the topic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and understand the benefits of mindfulness based meditation for dealing with anxiety and obsessive thinking. 

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • When does anxiety become a disorder?
  • What is OCD?
  • Why is OCD so hard to manage?
  • What is happening in the brain during obsessive compulsive thinking.
  • Using mindfulness to overcome obsessive compulsive behavior.
  • What it means to live with purpose.
  • Using meditation to develop self-reliance. 

Since moving to San Francisco in 2006 to complete his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Chris has developed a reputation for being able to effectively use what he has learned throughout his career to help people achieve their goals and unlock their ultimate potential as people.

Dr. Chris has also mentored budding clinicians, published research, presented at international conferences, and created an online show called Dr. Chris TV.

Currently, Christian works in San Francisco where he specializes in treating people with depression, anxiety, addictions, and PTSD. Christian also does personal and executive coaching using skills from positive psychology and mindfulness based interventions.

Connect with Dr. Chris
Dr. Chris TV | Instagram | Facebook | LifeAcademy

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