[Podcast EP06] Patrick Charron | Understanding Flow State

MBV   February 21, 2017

Flow state, also known as ‘the zone,’  is characterized by the ability to be completely calm, fully present, and able to operate at peak optimal level. This ultimate state of consciousness is where we feel and perform at our best.

When experiencing flow, we become laser-focused and completely immersed in the moment. Time stands still, distraction becomes non-existent, and our inner critic is silenced, allowing the capabilities of our mind and body to glide effortlessly toward creativity and almost superhuman achievement.

Patrick Charron is the developer and co-founder of Flō Tribe, a physical training experience designed to access and harness this state of mind body synergy. Patrick also has a background in biology and has been heavily involved in martial arts training.

Following a profound experience in Costa Rica, Patrick was compelled to research various aspects of the mind body connection, eventually leading him to the concept of flow.

Learning about the dynamics of flow state allowed Patrick to make the connection between his experiences of higher consciousness and what he had already been learning about the ancient philosophies associated with meditation, shamanism, and spirituality.  

Not only is flow an exciting way to experience a natural high, Patrick was starting to understand the chemistry and science behind what is actually taking place in the brain.

This is when Patrick started experimenting with whether or not it was possible to capture this experience and channel it towards his physical training, meditation, and personal development as a human being.

Watch Full Discussion:

For the past few years Patrick has been developing a formula designed to help others experience flow state and benefit from the ability to achieve peak performance.

When trained for flow, Patrick refers to this as the warrior mindset. When properly harnessed, achieving flow can awaken our  inner strength, allow us to embrace challenge, and take life into our own hands with the spirit of a fighter, and the inner peace of a zen master.

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In this discussion:

What is flow state? [1:20]
Transcendance in the jungles of Costa Rica. [2:00]
Putting the pieces togerther. [13:50]
Understanding the science and chemistry of flow [19:15]
The aspect of struggle | Pushing past your edge. [25:00]
Developing a formula to harness flow state. [27:15]
Putting in the work to experience the best version of yourself. [27:50]
Learning how to harness pressure. [31:30]
Making the connection between music and flow. [33:00]
What ancient civilizations knew about flow. [35:30]
Integrating flow into all aspects of life.[38:30]
Fear, aggression, connection | Tapping into your primal nature. [41:00]
The development of Warrior Flow [44:00]
Using flow to overcome real life struggle and adversity. [47:00]
Balancing out your neurochemistry. [48:50]
The symbolic meaning of a warrior. [51:00]
A tribe of warriors dedicated to making positive change in the world. [52:30]
Coming to terms with the brutal aspect of nature. [57:00]
Channel your aggression | Learning how to choose patience. [58:00]
Flō-Tribe | Bridging the gap between science and spirit. [60:00]

Mentioned resources:

The Rise of Superman – Steven Cutler
Flow, the secret to happiness – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:
The Way of The Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

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