5 Reasons Paper Books Are Better Than Ebooks

MBV   July 30, 2015

books are better

Technology is growing at an increasingly fast rate. It has become extremely easy to access all types of information.  Need to make a pizza dough?  How about a video on how to replace a doorknob?  Easy!

Anything we want right at our fingertips – gotta love it!

Even physical books have morphed into digital reading material and audio books are becoming more and more available. Just pop in the ear buds and you can get a few pages in while waiting in line at Starbucks or during your morning walk.

Ebooks have become a strong force in the book publishing industry, but printed books remain surprisingly dominant. But why would anyone buy paper books these days? They are more expensive and just take up space, right?

I certainly love being able to download ebooks – allowing me to carry them around wherever I go; however, my home library will always remain my most prized possession and I am always looking for new books to add to my collection.

Here's why! 

5 Reasons Paper Books Are Better Than Ebooks

  • Feel –  There is nothing better than the feeling of a real book. Holding a book in your hands is intimate and demands your undivided attention. Someone made this for you.
  • Sharing – Books are perfect for passing along. There is something that you gain from everything you read and when you are done,  it is always there waiting for the perfect person to come along for you to share it with and that could benefit from it.  It feels great to pass on good knowledge.
  • A Reminder – A physical book is a strong reminder of an idea, a story, an adventure, a life, a thought, an inspiration, a creation and a new way to perceive life.
  • Keeping –  A good book is a keeper. Instead of getting lost in your phone or tablet never to be seen again – a book sitting on the shelf is always there. You may never read it again but the ideas and knowledge remain.  Books are timeless and a good one will always let us know when it might be time to pick it up again.
  • Look Smart – Aside from being a great conversation starter when receiving company, book collections just look cool and make you feel smarter. Books are able to create a positive environment and provide a certain energy. Ebooks can't do that.

It’s not hard to tell that I love books! I will always remain grateful for each opportunity to feed the mind with new knowledge and perspective

Books are better!


Any Thoughts?

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