[podcast EP11] Alex Kip | Transcend the Ego Into True Mindfulness

MBV   June 22, 2017

MBV Podcast - Alex Kip

Alex Kip is a motivational speaker, mindfulness teacher, and the co-founder and host of the top rated self-help podast The SoulFeed.

Alex is also the creator of the True Mindfulness movement — helping people find their inner light and experience the power of love in their awareness of now.  He’s taught his True Mindfulness principles to major corporations and conferences like Wanderlust, UnitedHealthcare, Nationwide Insurance, Pelotonia, and the University of Michigan.

After battling cancer and losing his voice, with only a 15-30% chance of survival, he’s now in complete remission and a voice of inspiration for a growing tribe of Soul Warriors.

In this podcast, Alex joins MBV to discuss the core principles of true mindfulness, self-mastery, overcoming the inner conflict of ego, and what it means to live with purpose.

As a motivational speaker, Alex has been featured on PBS, NPR Stations, the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Lifehack, and Buddha Brain.

His top-rated iTunes podcast, SoulFeed, has touched the lives of over 1 million + people around the world, where he spreads love and interviews other living luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Gabby Bernstein.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Harnessing compassion to overcome the inner conflict of ego.
  • The meaning of 'true mindfulness'
  • What Alex has learned from speaking with so many visionaries and thought leaders.
  • How to start the process of your own spiritual journey.
  • The discipline of meditation and how to acquire the tools required to be self-reliant.
  • How to navigate extreme adversity when you feel alone.
  • What does it mean to live with purpose.

Connect with Alex Kip

Facebook | Instagram | SoulFeed | alexkip.com

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