3 Practical Ways To Calm Your Mind

MBV   October 11, 2015

calm down mind
From people counting on you to reach relentless deadlines and the hectic schedules you are expected to maintain, it seems like there are never enough hours in a day.  Things used to be simple; we went to work when expected, and filled up the rest of our time enjoying the scenery while taking things one at a time.

Now we are so connected that it is difficult to figure out when it might be time to put down our cell phones or just walk away from our accumulating agendas.

Learning how to calm down your busy mind might be the most valuable way you can invest some of your most precious time. Although solitude and silence may not always be the most practical way to simmer down, here are some other great ways to ease some tension and calm down mind chatter. The return on investment is beyond positive!

Calm Down Mind – Self-Compassion

You can begin with the practice of self-compassion. Cut yourself some slack and take a deep breath. Remember that you've been working hard, and that you're only human. Once you manage to look at yourself from a less critical perspective, you will finally be able to give yourself a break.

Studies have shown that people who exhibit higher self-compassion are calmer, more positive, and happier in general. And what's more, they are also more successful! This is because once you train your mind towards self-compassion, you automatically reduce the level of stress you're facing otherwise.

Consequently, this will boost your productivity, enabling you to get more work done in the same 24 hours — with more energy and more grace.

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You can try looking at yourself and your work from a different perspective as well. Try to intentionally adopt the point of view as the observer instead of the one actual person that is doing all of the thinking and judging. It is possible to just sit back and become aware of what is swirling around in your mind.  You may not like what you see, but the experience can be illuminating.

Many of the more stressed out people tend to compare their work and circumstances to others. This can result in frustration, self-doubt, and consistent anxiety; because you just don't feel like you're up to the mark.

Instead, by simply bringing some attention to your mind without getting involved, you will quickly learn that you are in more control than you think and the only thing worth comparing yourself to is the quality of your own thoughts.

Look at yourself  with merit, and be grateful  for what you get done and what you desire to accomplish as you move forward. Always remember, you're the best version of you, so ease up. This will need some mental conditioning to implement, but once you develop your mind to do so, the stress will automatically melt away and euphoric joy will start to flow more naturally through your life.

Calm Down Mind – Move Your Body

Another thing to remember is to move your body and get the blood flowing. People who often work from a single area, say their desk chair, are more likely to accumulate stress. Exercising your muscles releases endorphins. Endorphins are generally associated with happiness and a more positive outlook. This is one of the body’s biggest stress-busting secrets, so why not get out of their chair and make some use of it?

Distraction Can Be Good

Finally, you need to understand that distraction may be helpful to calm down. Consistent focus on simply one objective can often result in neglecting your hobbies, passions, and even those around you – not to mention the insurmountable stress that it brings along with it. Make time for your pets, your loved ones, and even for your hobbies.

A few minutes dedicated to these small but hugely important areas here and there can be a great way to kill some stress and boost your productivity in the long run. This will ultimately help you in better achieving your goal as well.

Conditioning your mind to be less harsh is a positive psychology technique that is sure to reduce some of that anxiety. This will help you breathe easier and live a healthier life overall. It is also a great way to pave your road to success. So if you have been suffering in the clutches of stress, it is time now to break free.

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